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Best Tips for Selling Your Home




During this tough time for real estate, you need to pull out all the stops and utilize all the tools you have at your disposal to compete with other sellers. You may be able to sell your home faster without resorting to lowering your asking price. Try out these techniques first and see if interest begins to pick up, then you’ll know that you’re on the right track



Stand-out in the Neighborhood



Landscaping seems like an unnecessary investment while you’re living in your home, but when it comes to moving out, it’s a proven method for increasing the value in a buyer’s eyes. You can go as far as getting custom features done to your house’s exterior, adding new flowers, shrubs, upgrading the windows, or putting on a new roof. If your budget allows for it, all of these can get you that “wow-factor” and place the thought in the buyer’s mind of just how much their house stands out from all the neighbors. While this petty competitive mindset might sound silly, it is simply a play off of our naturally competitive human nature.



The biggest bangs for your buck, however, is undoubtedly going to be in renovating your bathroom or adding outside patio or deck features. A new roof is arguably more valuable, but it doesn’t have a huge return on investment like it used to be before the housing bubble.



Make good use of space



How do you make a house look bigger without knocking down walls or adding entire rooms? Get organized! No, really, if your home has all the tools for a potential homeowner, they’re going to fall in-love with the idea that they will finally be able to be organized. It can be expensive to hire a professional interior decorator for your average homeowner, but what’s a few thousand dollars invested when you can transform your house into a Martha Stewart episode of things we love?



At the end of the day, as long as your house is as spotless and modernized as possible, and you have one of those real estate signs, Santa Ana, CA is going to be about how hard you hustle for that buyer to close the deal. Yes, real estate signs in Orange County are everywhere, but just look at it as an opportunity to show buyers that your house is the sunniest and warmest of them all. If all else fails, you could tempt any potential buyers further by offering to close the deal by next month. This is a little known trick that most sellers do not utilize.